A true boy’s day out yesterday as five of us went to Monster X Tour at the Atlas Arena in Łódź. A 2-hour show comprising motorcycle jumps, quad bike racing and monster trucks, the engine noise from the 1,500 horsepower engines were enough to put a smile on any man’s face. It was a test for my kids and they passed with flying colours! Above: easily the biggest crowd pleaser was ‘Rock Star’ driven by 32-year old Bill Payne who handled it superbly, and with what appeared to be no fear whatsoever. Stats on the truck: 1,475 hp, 66″ Ukraine Tyres, 12,800 lbs and 26″ shock absorbers.

Below: ‘Bigfoot’ driven by 51-year old Nigel Morris. He took it a little easier which is not what the crowd really wanted to see! But then again, a few moments before this shot, ‘California Kid’ had just landed wrong on its back axle which had collapsed completely causing a hefty repair bill given that these cost around $150,000 each! Big toys with expensive maintenance costs.

In between the highlights, the motorcycle stunts kept the fans cheering. Three motorcyclists, all under the age of 25, carried out various somersaults, twists and daring off-bike manoeuvres in the air – all very impressive to watch.

Having all these vehicles in an indoor arena is a little claustrophobic at times. The extractors were working, but at the half-time break, we needed to get some fresh air in our lungs. Still, it was adrenaline fuelled quality time with the boys – the big kids enjoyed it and so did my children!