People often ask me what makes a great Dad. In my book, there’s really only one way to become a REALLY great Dad, and that’s to master the complex art of cooking ‘Eggy Bread’. This was past down a generation by my father when he was a scout leader and, from memory, was only ever superseded by his ‘Baked Beans and Tapioca Breakfast Pudding’. For some reason, the latter was never allowed in the house and was only ever cooked over a camping stove which probably added to the flavour. Frankly it needed it. Anyway, I diverge…

Eggy Bread

Bread. Soaked in egg.


1 slice of brown bread
2 eggs
A small dribble of milk
A sprinkling of basil
Cooking oil
Tomato Ketchup
…and a frying pan.

Method: Beat the eggs, milk and basil in a bowl. Soak the bread for a few seconds whilst the oil is heating in the pan. Once hot, place the bread in the pan and fry until brown on either side. Serve with lashings of ketchup.

The kids love it and its a quick and easy alternative to cereal or toast. Ah, my cooking skills are endless…