A few days ago, temperatures rose above freezing and the garden began to thaw. Outside on our terrace, the snow melted and long icicles defrosted allowing me the chance to take a macro shot of  the arrival of Spring.

icicle drop

Not so. A week later and temperatures dropped again to -5C and the snow storms hit. Yesterday evening I was planning to drive home from the office, but instead chose to jump on the train and asked my very understanding wife to pick me up from the station at the other end. The roads were covered and it would have taken me at least 2 hours to get home. The snow continued through the night and we awoke this morning to this:


The 22nd of March and I had to dig the car out of my drive.

We were discussing this morning whilst driving to the station how as humans we crave the change of seasons. Already we are looking forward to the freshness and warmth of Spring, but 4 months ago, a morning like today would have made us smile and happily clamber around outside in our winter boots. Living in California sounds ideal, but seeing the same weather day in, day out must get mundane. We are looking forward to seeing the annual rejuvenation of our garden and spending time in it nurturing the plants and trees until life flows through them once again.

The beauty of Poland is that the seasons change overnight. There is no gradual blending, just a few days of transformation from one season to the other. Hold that thought, because April is just around the corner!